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HOLLYWOOD, CA_The 2013 Hollywood Book Festival has selected  Jonathan Womack’s “A Cry for a Hero,”(Charles River Press) as the grand prize winner of its eighth annual competition honoring works worthy of further attention from the film, television and multimedia industries.

The fast-paced action thriller begins with an amazing discovery. After playing dead to survive a terrifying encounter, hero Jack Ramsey learns he has the power to become a ghostly, disembodied spirit with fantastic abilities. He soon uncovers a plot to destroy Boston, and teams with a female assassin who is being targeted by the evil-doers in a mad dash to save the city.

Originally written prior to 9/11 and shelved as reality mirrored fiction, author Womack revived the manuscript and has its sequel arriving soon. The well-executed and page-turning work captivated the judges and is an excellent candidate for adaptation in other forms.

Womack will be honored at a private reception July 20 at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, the home of the first Academy Awards.

Other winners in the competition:


WINNER: Norman – Heather Young/illustrations by Ramir Quintana

RUNNER-UP: A Little Different All Perfect – Anita Telle/illustrated by Denis Proulx


  • The Magic Owl – Lisa Stammerjohann/illustrated by Claudia Gadotti
  • Brady Needs a Nightlight – Brian Barlics/illustrated by Gregory Burgess Jones
  • Shovelful of Sunshine – Stacie V. Hutton/illustrated by Cheryl Harness
  • Roy G. Biv is Mad at Me Because I Love Pink – Nancy Guettier
  • The Little Apple – Deborah Smith Ford
  • How Hollyhocks Came to New Mexico – Rudolfo Anaya, Nicolas Otero, Nasario Garcia
  • William Meets the Stick Family – Karen Voss Peters
  • Randy the Raindrop – Patty Jean Wiese/illustrated by Kim Sponaugle
  • Lightkeepers to the Rescue! – Marisa de Jesus Paolicelli/illustrated by Susan E. Daly
  • Have You Filled a Bucket Today? – Carol McCloud/illustrated by David Messing
  • Franklin Frog and the Fallen Tree – Gregory Paul Ogden
  • Kumba’s Courage – Robin Renna/illustrations by Valerie Woelk
  • Kiwi and the Serpent of the Isle – Vickie Johnstone
  • Gingertown – David Gillam
  • Pillow with a Heartbeat – Nancy Stanley and Truffles
  • Scooter & Cupcake – Mary Anne Lipousky-Butikas
  • The Adventures of Anna and Andy Hummingbird: Book 1 – Linda P. Young
  • Dragonfly Landing – Helen L. O’Reilly
  • Mermaids on Mars – Nancy Guettier/illustrated by Tina Cash-Walsh
  • Parry Pretty and the Eight Realms – S.J. Musgraves
  • Captain No Beard – Carole P. Roman
  • Once Upon a Time…A House – Dulce Rodrigues
  • The Legend of Lizard Lick – Karen Matthews/illustrated by Josh Taylor


WINNER: Deadly Times – Lew Irwin

RUNNER-UP: Fire in a Small Town – Ken and Kris Bilderback


  • The Terrible Loyalty – Sandy Moss
  • Dude, Where’s My Stethoscope? – Donovan Gray, M.D.
  • The Imagine Project – Diane Maroney/photography by Maria Masitti
  • Serving Celebrities – Bill Ryan
  • Tenants Uncommon – Jesse Brewer
  • Marcia Gates: Angel of Bataan – Melissa Bowersock
  • Report of an Expedition.. – Dwaine Schuldt
  • How to Make Your Audience Fall in Love with You – Deryn Warren
  • From Pain to Parenthood – Deanna Kahler
  • 17 Cents and a Dream – Daniel Milstein


WINNER: Postcards from Cedar Key – Terri Dulong

RUNNER-UP: The Elephants of Shanghai – Stephen Jared


  • The Dead Lawyer Conspiracy II. The Panther Resurrection – Jane T. Robe
  • Winter’s A Coming Still – Neal Hall


WINNER: A Cry for a Hero – Jonathan Womack

RUNNER-UP: Element 238: The Deadly Fall: Episode I – J.H. Soeder


  • Synapse – Ron Prasad
  • The Borealis Genome – Tom Wise/Nancy Wise
  • Grapeshot & Demons – Vincent P. Scully
  • Untimed – Andy Gavin
  • My Familiar Stranger – Victoria Danaan


WINNER: Living Well is the Best Revenge – Jake Aurelian

RUNNER-UP: Alligator Alley – Rick Robinson


  • My Enemy’s Tears – Karen V. Williams
  • Secret Blood – Don Stansberry
  • Evangeline: Paradise Stolen – M.M. Le Blanc
  • Island of the White Rose – R. Ira Harris
  • Courage – Disko Praphanchith
  • Kill Screen – Benjamin Reeves
  • The Length of the Leash – Gary Sproul
  • Surviving 26th Street – Carol June Stover
  • Saving Faith – Patrick M. Garry
  • We Leave with our Guns Out! – Jake Aurelian
  • The House’s Money – Owen Sullivan
  • The Treason of Mary Louvestre – My Haley
  • A Small Perfect Place – Arnold Gordenstein
  • Sanctuary – Alene Adele Roy
  • A Touch of Immortality – Vivian Ditzler
  • Medicines and Poisons – Philip Benz
  • Benevolent – Devon Trevarrow Flaherty
  • Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai – Rishi Vohra
  • El Volcan – C.L. Levy
  • 9 Squares – E.K. Prescott
  • Promise to Pay the Bearer – Page Martin
  • They Only Come Out at Night – F.M. Kearney
  • Revealed – Mary Unrush Ballard, MD
  • Soul Meaning – A.D. Starrling
  • Truth Runs Deep – Sheila Callaham
  • Black Crow White Lie – Candi Sary
  • Killer Weed – Michael Castleman
  • Running with the Enemy – Lloyd Lofthouse


WINNER: Inside Linda Lovelace’s Deep Throat – Darwin Porter

RUNNER-UP: Diary of an Alaskan Madam – Lorina Ewing


  • Beyond the Pale – K. Patrick Malone
  • I Like Your Form: Confessions of a Personal Trainer – J.D. Holmes
  • Unsinkable Mister Brown – Brian David Bruns
  • Insight of Perseverance – Christopher Thomas/Dewight Major Jones
  • Reviewing the Montauk Legend – David Ritchey
  • Sleaze Crossing – Maziar Sadree
  • Living Shells – Charles E. Rawlings
  • The Art Dockuments – Carlton Davis
  • Fashion Forward – Shawnelle/Shawnee Gibbs/Linda Chung


WINNER: God and Boobs – Angie Schuller Wyatt

RUNNER-UP: Twelve Months – Steven Manchester


  • The Spirit Within – Paul Pacific
  • Gift of a Servant – Tamara Amos
  • The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician – Michael Mayer
  • Children of Angels – Kathryn Dahlstrom


WINNER: Those Glamorous Gabors: Bombshells from Budapest – Darwin Porter

RUNNER-UP: Tears for my City – Dean Dimitrieski


  • Tasting Home – Judith Newton
  • Freeways to Flip-Flops – Sonia Marsh
  • Paperback Writer: A Memoir – Mark Bego
  • The Unauthorized Autobiography of W.B. – Walter Bodlander
  • Chasing Love: A Mother’s Journey – Elinor Rogosin
  • Coming to Forgiveness – Ronita Johnson
  • Charlie & Me – Harriett Bronson
  • Follow Your Heart – Philip Devitte and Erika Celeste
  • A World Torn Asunder – Marina Giurescu. M.D.
  • Southern Vapors – Lynn Garson
  • Nobody Knows How Famous I Am – Tom Duro


WINNER: Sweetest Taboo – Eva Marquez

RUNNER-UP: Downtown Cowboy – Jean Blasiar


  • Hard Magic – John Caruso
  • Codename Fairy Godmother: Reassigned – Tanjlisa Marie
  • Rosi’s Time – Edward Eaton
  • The Orphanage of Miracles – Amy Neftzger
  • Willie Kettle and the Sea Witch – V.M. Catanio/illustrations by Christine Hatem
  • Dangerous Blessings – J. Arvid Ellison
  • Alliance.125: Terra Unionia – The First Book – Raita Jauhiainen
  • Confessions of a Teenage Psychic – Pamela Woods-Jackson
  • No Character Limit – edited by Keren Taylor
  • Hanna The President’s Daughter – John Denison
  • Brothers Bullies and Bad Guys – N.D. Richman
  • Become – Ali Cross


WINNER: I’ll Show You Mine… - Trustin Howard

RUNNER-UP: Freshman Forty – Christine Duval



WINNER: The Path – Ronnie Gale Turbane



WINNER: Seeds of Success – John Brubaker

RUNNER-UP: Mondays at 3 – Greg Giesen



WINNER: Border Field Blues – Corey Lynn Fayman

RUNNER-UP: Fort Douglas – Nancy Foshee


  • Inheritance – Kate Loveday
  • Shattered Triangle – William Messenger
  • Joshua’s Revenge – Richard L. Wren
  • Bad Spirits – D.V Berkom
  • Terrorists and the Terchova Treasure – George Banas
  • Sleeper’s Run – Henry Mosquera
  • Wrapped – Dennis Nehamen


WINNER: Cut to the Chase – edited by Linda Venis

RUNNER-UP: DUI: The Next Day – Melanie Beauchamp


  • Inside the Room – edited by Linda Venis





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